Keep track of your tasks with natural language

Access the full feature set of untasked just by describing what you want to get done and when. untasked understands the times, people and things that matter to you. Or, quickly build complex tasks just by selecting from the context sensitive action buttons as you type.

create tasks in natural language

Replace the complex processes between requests and results with Capabilities making it easier than ever to work across teams.

Capabilities let you publish what you can do and make starting a complex process easy. Instead of coming in after the fact with the 'right way to get things done' you can be involved in projects you will be working on from the start.

example Capability trigger

Record the actual effort and time that goes into each task

Track the time you spend on tasks along with progress and notes. See the total investment in various tasks by everyone who works on it.

example of work time tracking

Organize your lists in the way that works for you

Everyone has different priorities, the way you organize your tasks should match yours. untasked lets you show what's important to you in exactly the way you want.

A skeleton mockup graphic of Untasked software

Get things approved with a click, and have a record as it moves forward

Communication tools are great for talking about work, but untasked helps you stop talking about the problem and get started with confidence. Request a formal approval from anyone on a task and know that they have reviewed it, and approved of the plan. Make decisions and go from 🤷 to 👍 with confidence.

approval example

A profile for you and everyone in your org based on the work you do; Find people based on their work history

Instead of crawling through org charts, untasked lets you search for people based on previous work and the kinds of work they do. Find the people who have experience in the area you are working on, and connect with them to get more done together.

user profiles