Release Notes: 8/19/2021

by Mark

Lots of improvements to untasked in today's release. Some specifically related to the word 'at'

  • Add tag interface now automatically adds when you match, or click on a tag. Tag faster than ever before.
  • Improvements to sign up experience
  • Search filters so you can narrow your searches to just your tasks
  • When editing done tasks they are no longer crossed out while you are trying to type.
  • You shouldn't see followup prompts that don't have questions
  • Automatic time and date detection now detects even more dates even if you use the word ‘at’ 
  • In one very specific place we no longer capitalize the word ‘at’, this is completely unrelated to the previous note.
  • Improvements behind the scenes so we can help keep your org and team invitations healthy and happy.

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