Individualized task management for you.

Unleash the capabilities of your team.

Effortless productivity for everyone.

Working with others should be just as easy as doing it yourself.

Untasked lets you focus on the actual work. No more emails or meetings about tasks, no more context switching, and no more spreadsheets. Start saving time today.

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Get more done.

Find the right people

Seemlessly find people in your organization, understand their role, and get in touch.

Get your team up to speed

Streamline the communication process by easily sharing the context of tasks.

Effortless Accountability

Automate status updates and make it easy to see the status of your team members’ work.

Work is broken… Let’s fix it.

6 times

more likely to be engaged in your job if you use your strengths every day

Do the work you were meant to do.

There are things you do better than anyone else. Untasked lets you define your role and advertise it within your organization. When someone needs your help, their request is automatically added to your desk with all the details you need to get it done. Add your skills and capabilities to the directory so everyone can find that right person. No more phone calls to answer the same old questions over and over again.

user profiles and capability


of remote workers say they're more productive when working from home

We should all still have a desk, even if we don’t have an office.

We all need a place to keep our work. When working remotely it's harder than ever to have a place where you can keep all your work organized. Untasked lets you set up a desk for your work, collaborate seamlessly with your coworkers, and do all of it from wherever you are. Even if that isn't always the same place.

untasked today view, and personalized desk view

5 hours

spent each week by workers waiting to hear back from coworkers

Do your job and we will take care of the status.

Every week you get something done, you don't need to add more work to tell people what it was. Track your work in untasked and we will automatically create a status report that shows off your most important accomplishments.

automatically generated status report

23 minutes

to get back to work after an interruption

We are about you.

Lots of tools help you track a project, but force you into some specific process for how you get to see or think about your work. Untasked lets you define your own view of your work. Keep track of what you want, ignore what you don't. Stay focused on what matters to you.

individualized task list and detailed view

Get back to actually working.

  • Find the right person
  • Get them what they need to do their job
  • Make things happen